Lighting Ceremony


After a successful opening reception in Purdue’s Ringel Gallery with more than 120 visitors we started the regular lighting schedule in the National Security Garden (8:30pm – midnight) in a lighting ceremony with the HONR19900 students. Unfortunately we still weren’t able to take off the greenhouse top – temperatures continue to drop below 40°F at night.
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Exhibition Opening this Friday


Please join us for the opening of the gallery exhibition component of the National Security Garden public artwork this Friday, April 26 from 5:00-7:00pm in the Robert L. Ringel Gallery in Steward Center 157, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

We will have a lighting ceremony, turning on the LED growlights in the National Security Garden after the opening reception at 8:00pm on April 26. Location: National Security Garden between Elliott Hall and the Purdue Bell Tower.

HONR19900 student assistant Amber Furrer together with chef Kim Lulay from Purdue’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Program and the help of HONR19900 students are preparing appetizers for the opening reception making innovative use of fresh soy-based ingredients. Stop by the Robert L. Ringel Gallery and sample:

  • Whole pod edamame with lime ginger salt
  • Cheese dumplings with tofu, ricotta, and parmesan
  • Empanadas made with soy flour crust and filled with a tempeh and soy
    chorizo mixture
  • Dumplings and empanadas served with a sundried tomato, soy
    mayonnaise aoli
  • Soy bittersweet chocolate truffles

Map of the National Security Garden locations on the Purdue campus:

National Security Garden Symposium

Please join us for an Earth Day discussion about sustainability, politics and public art.

Monday, April 22, 2013
STEW 318, Purdue University

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Patricia Boling, Political Science
  • Dr. Shannon McMullen, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Col. Mark Mykleby, New America Foundation
  • Fabian Winkler, MFA, Visual and Performing Arts

Sponsored by Purdue University’s Honors College and Purdue’s Office of University Sustainability.

Our Idea of the University presents Fabian Winkler on art and the university

The final presentation in the “Our Idea of the University” will be this Tuesday, April 16 from 6:30-7:30. Professor Fabian Winkler (VPA) will talk about the role of Art in the Public University.  Following his remarks, we will have the chance to view the new installation, “National Security Garden,” created by Winkler, Professor Shannon McMullen, and members of the CLA-honors program. A reception will follow.

Please note that we will be meeting in BRNG B268 (NOT Rawls as usual) in order to be closer to the installation.

Our lecture series and the Garden installation are featured in a new THiNK magazine article:

Questions? Feel free to contact Prof. Kristina Bross: kbross [at] purdue [dot] edu

The Gallery

All of these things are in an email sent to the group.  Thanks for your help!

Key points:
1. Come up with 3-5 soy food or non-food products and bring the package to our exhibit work day on April 16th.
2. Bring books and reading materials relating to our project to our exhibit work day on April 16th.
3. Upload the papers you wrote to the dropbox (invitation coming) by April 19th.
4. Upload your document(s) for transparencies to the dropbox by April 19th.

1. To complete our “soy products” table, we need everyone to think about and look for things they use or consume on a regular basis that contain soy.  Non-food products may be slightly challenging and require a little bit of research, but we would love a good sampling of those.  Food products are fairly simple: common ingredients made from soybeans include mono- and di-glycerides, lecithin, soy protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soybean oil, and tocopherols, among others.  If you find these things in the foods you eat, save the package.  We really want everyone to try to come up with 3-5 soy products by *Tuesday April 16th* and bring them to our exhibit work day (details in the future).

2. There will be a kind of discussion promoting section of the gallery where we would like to put a table and a bookcase containing reading materials relating to our project.  We would like for everyone to upload copies of the three papers that they wrote in the first semester.  Only do this if you are comfortable at the thought of people reading them; we won’t require it.  But we think they were great and we want to share them. (:  Upload your copies to our NSG dropbox account, which you will soon be receiving an invitation for.  Look for an email from Shannon.  Dropbox is an easy and super useful tool, so if you haven’t signed up for one yet, get excited.  Upload these by April 19th.

3. For our discussion friendly section, we would also love to borrow any books or reading materials that people have which relate to the project. For example, we will obviously have “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind”, but any books relating to soybeans, food security, climate change, sustainability, etc. would be fantastic.  You can also bring these to our exhibit work day on April 16th.

4. Lastly, and requiring the most effort, we want informational transparencies relating to the above topics to put on an old-school (: projector.  Think about how your disciplines (or just your interests) relate to this project and its themes.  For example, I will be putting together a couple of transparencies about how soy food ingredients are actually derived from soybeans.  These transparencies can be anything; they could just have an image, a chart, a map, a few paragraphs, a hand-written note, anything.  Think outside the box.  If you are struggling to come up with ideas or are confused, let me or Shannon or Fabian know.  We really want everyone to upload at least one page to the Dropbox by April 19th (but 2-3 would be even better).