Our (delayed) ideas!

Good evening boys and girls,

My sincerest apologies for the delay in making this post; this past week and weekend really got to me and threw me through a few more hoops than I would have enjoyed.

Anywho, here’s a little rundown of what those of us in the group organizing the symposium discussed:


Promote and introduce as basic understanding of national and global food security.

Explain the relevance of our NSG project to the bigger picture of food security.

Through speakers and presentations, instill a positive outlook and provide motivation to those attending to help take on the various aspects and issues surrounding food security in that, despite the reservations that even we may have, it isn’t too huge a problem to tackle.

All of this would take place to the general theme of National Security (from the NSG idea).

Ideas for Speakers, Presentations:

We could ask Dan Newkirk and/or his partners to give a solar energy presentation similar to the one he gave us, with the emphasis on how we applied it to the NSG.

If there are any professors in the College of Ag (or anywhere, for that matter) who happen to be experts on soybeans and their benefits to humanity in general, it’d be great to have them along for the ride.

Anything regarding food security and/or national security, perhaps including some of the speakers who gave presentations during the seminar last semester.

Networking Opportunities:

Student Sustainability Summit: like Sean said, if we could make an appearance there, we’d get Tim Sands’ attention, as well as other groups like PSG who could be incredibly useful to help advertise our events and project.

Facebook and Twitter: awesome posts, ladies! If anyone is a part of a student organization that uses social media, maybe if we could encourage them to follow us on those two mediums and help promote us that way? It’d help especially during the time drawing up to the symposium and opening of the gallery.

I’ll post a bit more on the Student Sustainability Summit in a few minutes.

Any other ideas, we’d love to hear from you!


MB and the Symposium Group