Could everyone post this to their Facebook/Twitter/Etc?

Seriously, go ham. We’ve 72 hours left to advertise! Art, Sustainability, Security- A Symposium

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About Michael Brannigan

As I put my head down last night after a few hours of studying (and by studying, I mean doing a little bit of homework and then having theological discussions with my best friend, which later turned to a round of Star Wars: Battlefront), I remembered I had to register for our lovely little blog. As I thought, I came up with a brilliant bit to post; it was clever, funny, wise, witty, the works. Of course, as soon as I finish it, I pass out and forget it all. Basically, so goes the story of my life. Anywho, here I am. I like to think I'm all the things my original post was going to be (yes, that sums up as a tad narcissistic, but hey, aren't we all?), as well as obviously forgetful. But I'm here to do work, change the world; you know the drill. Let's see how this goes, shall we?