Prof. Emily Allen, Assoc. Dean Purdue Honors College
Prof. Shannon C. McMullen, Electronic and Time-Based Art/American Studies
Prof. Fabian Winkler, Electronic and Time-Based Art

Student Assistants
Amber Furrer
Sean McDowell

Marissa Berns
Michael John Brannigan
Jake Brosius
Jessica Chang
Sarah Correll
My-Lea Coulombe-Quach
Hayley Drozd
Delaney Garrett
Sarah Garst
Emily Gill
Lindsay Harris
Joe Koncel
Allyson Mercer
Monica Schaeffer
Jien Nee Tai
William Van Buskirk
Robyn Wilson


Thank You

McMullen and Winkler would like to thank the following people for all the support they provided in the form of materials, expertise, labor, financing, and space:

Dennis Savaiano, Emily Allen, Tracy Hieatt, Sherry Hardebeck — Purdue Honors College
David Marchese — Purdue Department of Art & Design
Debra Lubelski and Ron Steiner — Purdue Lilly Greenhouses
William Hutzel, Daniel Newkirk — Purdue Mechanical Engineering Technology
Michael Gulich — Purdue University Sustainability
Deborah Steffen and Chris Ramsey — Purdue Discovery Learning Research Center
Ashley Holmes, Brian Jordan — Purdue Student Farm
Julia Muney Moore — Food & public art lecture
Paul McCormick — Documentation workshop, projection mapping support
Quinn McMullen Winkler, Argelia Hernandez — Construction support